Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 days ...

We will see you Between the Hedges in 2 days.
Saturdays schedule-
7:00AM - first Maker's and sprite
10:45AM - Dawg Walk for Saturday's game begins at ... at tailgate drinking 5th Maker's and Sprite
12:19 PM - Uga VII will be officially introduced to the Bulldog Nation ... at tailgate slamming shots of Maker's to create harsh buzz before the walk to Sanford.
12:30PM - kickoff
12:50 PM - stumble into seat
1:00PM until end - steady stream of Maker's to maintain buzz
tailgate at end - watch a shitty game, and munch on 6 hour old chick-fil-a nuggets ...take smaller shots of Makers to try and sober up?
Can't wait until Saturday??? ... Vandy vs. Miami (O) on the U, tonight at 7:30PM

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