Friday, October 10, 2008

Boot Picks Week 7

As soon as this post is completed ... it will be off to downtown for some nasty preparation for tomorrow's tailgate.

Here are the week 7 Boot Picks.

Texas vs Oklahoma (+6.5)
LSU vs. Florida (+6.5)
Penn State vs. Wisconsin (+6)
Notre Dame vs. North Carolina (-9)
New Mexico vs. BYU (-23.5)

Jimmy picks - Texas, Florida, Penn State, Notre Dame, New Mexico
Sammy picks - Texas, LSU, Penn State, Notre Dame, BYU
Uncle Merkin picks - Oklahoma St, LSU, Penn State, Notre Dame, BYU

See ya'll tween them hedges tomorrow afternoon. Go Dawgs!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bama Cheats?

By no means are we sore losers, our ass was handed to us...but this makes a little sense.

So where is Alabama in their cycle?

They are not on probation?
They are exceeding expectations (6-0)

so they must be.... ???

Thanks LWS

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get After Their Asses

No more waiting ... It's time to release the brown water hounds on Athens. These bye week blues have got us all ... in the last week we have seen Vandy take over the East, ESPN hype up the Big 12 QB trio of McCoy, Harrell and Bradford and watched the 2x defending AAAA Georgia state high school champion (Northside-Warner Robins) finally lose a game, after 35 straight wins. Dawg Nation has had enough ... it's time to put a butt whuppin on Tennessee.

C W. Martinez has taken a verbal lashing the last week ... and to tell you the truth, I'm on the fence about him , too. He just can't seem to mold the 4/5 star recruits we are getting into a cohesive unit. The Alabama game (31-0 beatdown at half) has happened before ... please see the Tennessee losses of 2006 and 2007, our defensive just hasn't shown up. Another Tennessee loss would keep me on the fence about CWM, maybe make me jump over ... but a Tennessee win would be a band-aid for the gash Bama left in our record 2 weeks ago.

Guys / CWM / CMR,

No more Outback Bowl ...

No more losses to inferior SEC opponents...

Get After Tennessee's Ass.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boot Picks Week 6

Well here we are 6 weeks into the season--it seems like only yesterday we were anticipating our season and now we are through the halfway point....

......which means we are also halway through "The Boot Picks". Two of us have finally jumped over .400 ATS, maybe one of us will break the 45% this week.

Here are the week 6 Boot Picks.

Duke vs. Georgia Tech (-14.5)
South Carolina vs. Ole Miss (-3)
Kentucky vs. Alabama (+17)
Florida State vs. Miami (-3)
Auburn vs. Vanderbilt (+4.5)

Jimmy pick s - Duke, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Florida State, Auburn
Sammy picks - Duke, Ole Miss, Alabama, FSU, snd Vandy
Uncle Merkin picks - Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Alabama, FSU, Auburn

Go Dawgs

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Real Reason Danny Ware was Arrested

Here is what the Police say...
At about 2:25 a.m. after the game, police said that Ware and a 24-year-old woman "stood in the street talking and traffic had to steer around." It was this odd behavior that prompted police to investigate. Ware admitted he was drinking and submitted to a breath test where he logged a substantial BAC of .152. Police did not reveal if Ware let out a "Woof, woof, woof!" before the mugshot was snapped, but based on the amount of booze in his system, it's entirely possible.
The real reason.....
It had nothing to do with standing in the street and everything to do with those dumb ass tattoos on his face. What the hell, if I was a cop I would have arrested his ass too.
P.S. Sorry about the light posting lately we will try to get back on track. BTW We here at the Boot refuse to talk about the game on Saturday. We want to "Blackout" those memories.

Hobnailed Hottie - Bye Week

After a disappointing loss ... nothing like a Hobnailed Hottie to get the spirits up.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Boot Picks - Week 5

Yo. It looks like Jimmy's Sack is taking a commanding lead over Sammy and Unc Merkin.

Maybe they can climb up out of the gutter before "the funeral on Saturday" ...

Enjoy our Week 5 picks.

North Carolina at Miami(-8)
Colorado at Florida St (JAX) (-5.5)
Arkansas at Texas (-27.5)
Virginia Tech at Nebraska (-7)
Illinois at Penn St (-16)
Jimmy picks - Miami, Colorado, Arkansas, Nebraska, Illinois
Merkin picks - Miami, Florida State, Arkansas, Nebraska, Penn St
Taint picks - North Carolina, Florida State, Arkansas, Viginia Tech, Penn St


Hobnailed Hottie - Week 5

Project 9-6-1 voted lovely Melissa as the hottest Georgia fan in Atlanta ... what do you think?
We think shes smoking and deserves to be Week 5's Hobnailed Hottie. Enjoy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Greatest Ever

There are some rumors floating around that Larry Munson has announced he will retire. The rumors also say he will be a captain for this week's game against Alabama.

I sure hope we our not breaking news here, but if we are I will be the first to say "Larry, you have left the Dawg nation with so many memories", "We could go on for days talking about you and what you will be missed". Go Dawgs!

***UPDATE***- The Story has just broke and its true. Here is the official announcement, I think I just shed a Tear.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hobnailed Hottie - Week 4

Thanks...Total UGA

Boot Picks - Week 4

Here's the deal -- You wanna win some coin don't look at our picks ... instead go to The Locks. But we'll give you a little something to wet your palette. We are indeed degenerate gamblers, who never win...Uncle Merkin will be dropping a dime that the Digital Darkman passes out on Saturday.

Standings are listed on the toolbar on the left side of the blog.
Enjoy our Week 4 picks.

Florida at Tennessee (+7)
LSU at Auburn (+2.5)
Alabama at Arkansas (+9.5)
Wake Forest at Florida St. (-4)
Mississippi St at Georgia Tech (-8.5)

Jimmy picks - Florida, LSU, Alabama, Florida St, Mississippi St
Merkin picks - Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Florida St, Mississippi St
Taint picks - Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Wake, Mississippi St