Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boot Picks - Week 4

Here's the deal -- You wanna win some coin don't look at our picks ... instead go to The Locks. But we'll give you a little something to wet your palette. We are indeed degenerate gamblers, who never win...Uncle Merkin will be dropping a dime that the Digital Darkman passes out on Saturday.

Standings are listed on the toolbar on the left side of the blog.
Enjoy our Week 4 picks.

Florida at Tennessee (+7)
LSU at Auburn (+2.5)
Alabama at Arkansas (+9.5)
Wake Forest at Florida St. (-4)
Mississippi St at Georgia Tech (-8.5)

Jimmy picks - Florida, LSU, Alabama, Florida St, Mississippi St
Merkin picks - Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Florida St, Mississippi St
Taint picks - Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Wake, Mississippi St


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