Monday, September 22, 2008

The Greatest Ever

There are some rumors floating around that Larry Munson has announced he will retire. The rumors also say he will be a captain for this week's game against Alabama.

I sure hope we our not breaking news here, but if we are I will be the first to say "Larry, you have left the Dawg nation with so many memories", "We could go on for days talking about you and what you will be missed". Go Dawgs!

***UPDATE***- The Story has just broke and its true. Here is the official announcement, I think I just shed a Tear.


Mackalicious said...

Larry Munson as a captain this Saturday would bring the house down. Aside from that where did your banner graphic come from? What scoreboard is that?

Mackalicious said...

Let me clarify, I can obviously read that is Georgia's board but I'm referencing time-frame.

Jimmy's Sack said...

Good question mack. Don't know the actual date got the pic from and thought it would make a sweet banner.