Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The State of the Dawgs

Well since this is one of our first posts, I figured I would let you in on the state of the Dawgs...

The hype - Well what can you say, except the media has set some lofty goals this season for our Dawgs. If we can live up to these goals it will be a great season for Dawgs everywhere. Lets just hope there is no #1 preseason jinx.

The schedule - It is the toughest in the country hands down. We play our toughest games on the road (The gayturds, Auburn, and what may be our biggest challange, traveling cross country to play Arizona State) minus one game against Fat Phil and those damn Vols. If we can get through this we all know we will be at South Beach in January.

The team - After a great end to the 2007 season, we have a ton of talent back. Including Two Heisman Trophy canidates in Stafford and Moreno. Our Defense should be great if Crazy Willie can keep them in check. Our offense has some questions in some important spots. O-line is young, but they were young last year. Another question is WR, MoMass is back and from what I hear has become a great leader. We have two much hyped freshman in AJ and TK. But all and all we shoud be great.

The Coach - No question he will soon lead us to the promise land.

There are some hopes in Athens, and for the sake of my sanity, we should have a great year!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very True .. Go Dawgs