Thursday, September 11, 2008

SEC Power Poll Roundtable

The guys over at The Garnet and Black Attack are doing an SEC roundtable ,and the asked us to put up these questions. So post a comment and let us know what you think. Go Dawgs.

1. Pretend for a minute that Vanderbilt wasn't 2-0, then answer this question: What has been the most surprising thing in the SEC so far this season?

2. Conference action has either just begun for most teams, or will Sept. 20. (The exception is Kentucky, which I believe plays I-AA teams until mid-November.) From what you've seen so far, how will your team fare in your division? If it's not going to win, which team will?

3. Which SEC player that few of us are paying attention to is poised to have a breakout season? Try to choose someone not on your team.
4. Both Arkansas and LSU have had games delayed because of hurricanes. If you could choose a game on your team's current schedule to get postponed because of inclement weather, which game would you choose and why?

5. So, the Large Haldron Collider hasn't destroyed the Earth -- so far, anyway. But had the world ended Wednesday morning, which SEC game would you have most regretted missing? Assuming, of course, you had been around to regret it. (Head...hurts...)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. Tennessee loss at UCLA
2. Georgia will win the SEC
3. Jevan Sneasd (Ole Miss)
4. LSU vs Georgia, so Florida and LSU would not be in back to back weeks
5. Georgia vs. Florida