Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get After Their Asses

No more waiting ... It's time to release the brown water hounds on Athens. These bye week blues have got us all ... in the last week we have seen Vandy take over the East, ESPN hype up the Big 12 QB trio of McCoy, Harrell and Bradford and watched the 2x defending AAAA Georgia state high school champion (Northside-Warner Robins) finally lose a game, after 35 straight wins. Dawg Nation has had enough ... it's time to put a butt whuppin on Tennessee.

C W. Martinez has taken a verbal lashing the last week ... and to tell you the truth, I'm on the fence about him , too. He just can't seem to mold the 4/5 star recruits we are getting into a cohesive unit. The Alabama game (31-0 beatdown at half) has happened before ... please see the Tennessee losses of 2006 and 2007, our defensive just hasn't shown up. Another Tennessee loss would keep me on the fence about CWM, maybe make me jump over ... but a Tennessee win would be a band-aid for the gash Bama left in our record 2 weeks ago.

Guys / CWM / CMR,

No more Outback Bowl ...

No more losses to inferior SEC opponents...

Get After Tennessee's Ass.


Pug said...

Willie needs to go ... I agree with you.

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