Wednesday, September 3, 2008

5 Things I Hate About College Football

Now I want to say this I love college football, but after jumping in with both feet this weekend I came to this conclusion....there are some things I hate.

5. Preseason Top 25 - heading into the first game we already have a top 25. Tennessee and Clemson went into this past weekend thinking there teams might be pretty good only to have there hopes crushed. And Georgia winning (blowout) and still dropping a spot after USC beat a crappy ACC team.

4. Ticket Prices - $5,000+ donations come on. We should be able to pay for the tickets first come first serve.

3. Pay Per View - Anyone who paid 30.00 bucks to watch a second class CSS game might have felt the same.

2. No Booze in the Stadium - I am 26 years old and should be able to do whatever the hell I want. There is nothing worse than drinking whiskey all day and having to quit for 3-4 hours. You get tired and a bad ass headache. Don't say I shouldn't drink, because that is just stupid.

1. LOU HOLTZ - I really cant stand this guy.

1 comment:

Mackalicious said...

Regarding #2. Were you born without pockets? Hell, any Columbian drug lord worth his weight can show you how to stick a baggie of whiskey up your pooper.
...not that I'd know...I just had a friend do it once and...and...he told me about it...we're not friends anymore though.