Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week 2 - Boot Picks

Well as you can tell from my picks last week this picture was not taken at my house. We will try once again to bring you some of the best picks online. Although the guys at The Locks might have us beat (combined 10-2 week 1) -- Uncle Merkin went 4-1 last week and is the man to beat.

PS. I cut out Nick Saban and a certain recruit (JJ) out of the picture.

Here we go.....


Miami at Florida (-21)
Cincinnati at Oklahoma (-21.5)
West Virginia at East Carolina (+8)
Southern Mississippi at Auburn (-17)
Ole Miss at Wake Forest (-7.5)

Jimmy's picks - Florida, Cinn, WV, Auburn and Ole Miss
Sammy's picks - Florida , Oklahoma, WV, Auburn and Wake
Uncle Merkin's - Miami, Cinn, WV, Auburn, and Wake

-Sammy the Taint

1 comment:

Mackalicious said...

"A certain recruit (JJ)"
At first I wasn't registering Julio Jones and thought about veteran player Jimmy Johns, but then I realized there'd be a pile of coke the size of a pitchers mound in the shot.