Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boot Picks Week 3

Well, what can I say, we have bombed the last two weeks, but this is the week we turn it around. How can one go 0-5 picking 5 games ATS? (please see Uncle Merkin Week 2)

-Look below for Sammy the Taint's pick of the week... Jimmy may not agree but I'm telling you this came to me in a dream.

I have been meditating for three days now trying to pick these games and here is what I've come up with.

Michigan at Notre Dame -1.5
Ohio St. at USC -10
Kansas at USF -3.5
Arkansas at Texas -24
UCLA at BYU -7.5

Jimmy-Notre Dame, OSU, Kansas, Ark, and BYU
Merkin- Michigan, USC, USF, Arkansas, and BYU
Sammy-Michigan, USC, Kansas, Arkansas, and BYU

Sammy's pick of the Week-Michigan, I think you could bet the house on this one.

1 comment:

Mackalicious said...

Geez, I hadn't seen the 24 point spread over Arkansas. No was Texas covers that...unless Arkansas is REALLY that bad.