Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Five Reasons Knowshown Will Win the Heisman

Well, as I was driving to work today, sitting in traffic in Memphis, I was thinking about all Knowshown has given us Georgia fans, The Leap, The celebration, and of course, the soldier boy. So I came up with the 5 reasons he will win the Heisman.

5. Tebow will not put up the stats he did last year and everyone will figure out he can not win the big game.
4. Georgia is on National TV almost every week. Unlike other big names in the contest ... Daniels and Sanchez, who play in shitty conferences or play late games that not everyone will watch, they wont get seen as much. The whole west coast / east coast bias thing...
3. He does not need a lot of carries to put up big numbers. Moreno has only carried the ball something like 25 times this season and he already has 225 yards and 6 Touchdowns.
2. Georgia will be good. Now this is just my opinion and I could be wrong, but to me your team has to be good just to be in the running.
1. He is the Heartbeat of this team and he will lead us to the promised land. GATA KM24

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